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My research focuses on experimental phonetics and the link between phonetics and neurolinguistics, more specifically the use and interplay of acoustic cues (i.e., cue-weighting) in speech production and perception and articulatory and biomechanical constraints in speech perception.

I received my Ph.D. from the Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany) in the area of Phonetics with the dissertation entitled “Microprosodic differences in a cross-linguistic vowel comparison of speech production and speech perception”.

I then pursured my post-doctoral research at the University of Aveiro (Portugal) working on the link between speech production and speech perception. My post-doctoral research focus was on the use of different acoustic and perceptual cues to stop and fricative voicing, comparing the languages of European Portuguese, Italian, and German.

During my post-doctoral training I had an opportunity to work at the Gipsa-labs in Grenoble (France) where I investigated the use of biomechanical and articulatory synthesis for speech perception purposes.


I am generally interested in the perception of acoustic events (and of course the link towards their production). That includes both the human voice and musical instruments.

Concerning the human voice I am interested in acoustic phonetics and and the link to the corresponding perception. This includes the speech production-perception interface, perception in the brain, and psychoacoustics. Further I am interested in the analysis, resynthesis and recognition of the voice and voice quality.