:: Daniel Pape - Phonetics
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       I am generally interested in the perception of acoustic events (and of course the link towards their production). That includes both the human voice and musical instruments. 
       I am specially interested in instruments which are more or less unknown to western music... 

       For my PhD I am interested in the link of pitch perception and the corresponding fundamental frequency events. Moreover, I am very interested in possible cross-linguistic differences concerning pitch and pitch perception for both vowels and musical tones.

       Concerning the human voice I am interested in acoustic phonetics and and the link to the corresponding perception.
       This includes the production-perception interface, perception in the brain, and psychoacoustics.

       Further I am interested in the analysis, resynthesis and recognition of the voice and voice quality.

       Especially I am interesting in bringing different research areas together which use the same technology (like acoustics and speech science and audio engineering) with the aim to share technology and algorithms